My history with Guelph

Being raised in the beautiful provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, I came to Guelph to complete my Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree. It didn't take long before I realized I had found another beautiful place to live and Guelph is where I have called home for over 30 years now. My husband and I just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and are proud parents of two beautiful daughters.

My passion for real estate

I first fell in love with real estate after my husband and I bought and sold our first home in 1993. Now in our fourth home, I believe in the power and opportunities of real estate more than ever. Yet I also fully understand all the emotions that come with buying, selling and moving! It wasn't always smooth sailing and I quickly learned how important it was to have a knowledgeable, attentive, professional and hard-working agent by your side every step of the way. 

Seven years ago, I took a huge leap of faith in myself and said good bye to the corporate world and left my safe 9-5 job. No regrets. No looking back. This is by far the best 'job' I have ever had. And when you love what you do, it's just plain fun every day!

I believe my passion and over 20 years of marketing and client management experience has enabled me to build a very large and loyal client base. Every one of my clients has had a different story, a different reason for moving and I cherish each and every one. As I reflect on the past seven years, I'm proud to say that many people who were once strangers became clients, clients became friends and friends became clients and this is what fuels my passion.

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